Karri Fox

Head of Programming & Coach Development, CFL2 Coach
Karri Fox


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Karri is a former high school teacher with a background in dance and a black belt in Taekwondo. In her 30s, after spending some time in globogyms, she found STRONGSIDE and has never looked back.

She began training at STRONGSIDE with the goal of keeping up with her two very active sons, but soon fell in love with the work, the community, and the way she feels about her body. She loves to train and compete and has been competing locally in CrossFit competitions for several years. She counts leadership, logistics and an eye for detail among her most valuable coaching strengths. Her passion is teaching and helping people to be their best.

She wants every person – especially the ones who think that they can’t do it or that they aren’t athletic – to know that they can change their health and their lives, one rep at a time.


What is your favorite movement?
Hang Power Clean
What is your favorite format of a workout?
What is your nickname?
Care Bear
What was your favorite college class?
Who was your first celebrity crush?
John Bon Jovi
What's your favorite movie/TV show?
Any Bourne movie & The Matrix
What was your best/worst pet?
My dog Sophie is awesome

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