WOD Program – TRAINING NOTES – 9.10.18 – 9.15.18


Training Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan” 

Week 3 of 4 In Micro Cycle 1 Of 5 

Week 3 In Meso Cycle 


Training Notes 

1.) These past few weeks have been outstanding! As we have entered and progressed through the first micro cycle of “Jacked & Tan” we have seen so much improvement in the quality of your lifts and movements. You will see accessory work, almost daily to really improve the strength in ROM. Remember, we are looking for gaps – places you struggle in the movement so we can address them to make you more powerful and strong in our movements. 

2.) You have done a great job remembering “no intensity – no result” which applies to scaling appropriately. The hardest option will always be listed on the board but we will scale down, give specific spaces or loads in class. Everything will always be prepped during each session and that is where the “magic” takes place :). This level of intensity you have been giving + your focus on strength is where your success is at! 

3.) We have this week and one more week of you first Micro Cycle in “Jacked & Tan” – keep in mind that is does not have to be fancy to be affective. Remember where you value is, the value lives in the accessory work, hitting the appropriate %, and scaling for intensity. We are very focused on the quality of movements, learning the new skills and pushing the envelope on what you can do. I cannot say enough how AMAZING the last 3 weeks have been. When we look at % of missed lifts in the WOD or strength, it is very low. We are seeing PR’s all over the place and your ability in training is going way up. Take the pat on the back, stay focused and let’s kill it!! 

Head Down – Eyes Up – Nose To the Grind 


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