WOD Program – Dec. 17th to 23rd 2018 


Training Cycle 

“Holiday Mix” 

Week 1 Of 3

Week 1 In Cycle 


Training Notes

1.) This week is Week 1 for a small cycle we will go through during the Holidays. It’s not easy and we are still putting in work, it just a 3 week cycle while everyone’s schedule is crazy. 

2.) This week, you will see a lot of LONG WOD’s both as a team and individual, we also have The 12 Days Of Christmas on Saturday!! :). Make sure to check that out! 

3.) When you’re not hitting these long sessions, you will be presented with opportunities to advance your strength, no % work, just pure opportunity and it will be fun! 

4.) What will make you the most successful furring this 3 week cycle is seizing the opportunity. We will put you in a lot of scenarios where the iron will be hot…let it burn! Take full advantage of these opportunities to PR, push yourself and just see what is possible. Let’s have fun!! 


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