WOD Program – 9.24.18 – 9.29.18 

Training Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan” 

Week 1 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 2 Of 5 

Week 5 In Meso Cycle 


Training Notes 

1.) This week is a very exciting week and a very good week to understand what is happening in your training moving forward, simply so you understand the process. This weeks training notes may be just a little longer than a normal week, but it’s value is high. 

2.) First off, this is week 5 in the large Meso Cycle (a Meso Cycle is a large block of training that you follow to monitor progress and allow for adaptation, muscle growth, and fat loss). This is Week 1 in the 2nd Micro Cycle of “Jacked & Tan” (We give each training cycle a funny name like “Jacked & Tan” that describes to the goal of the cycle and makes it easy for you to remember. A Micro Cycle is a small training cycle of 4-6 weeks where we specifically address goals to target for strength or movement). This is the last Micro Cycle in Jacked & Tan that will focus on building a base. We have really targeted your Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Overhead Squat to build a base in the foundational movements that progress you. For example, to progress your ring work, we use bench press. To progress overall leg strength (even jumping) we are using the Back Squat, to progress the Clean and abdominals, we are using the Front Squat. The list goes on and on but we targeted these movements to build a base of strength with your new max that you got in the testing cycle 6 weeks ago. In 3 weeks when this Micro Cycle is up, you will see a lot of expression of the movements that you have built up. For example, the Clean, Snatch, and Ring work will become almost routine because you have built up so much strength. 

3.) Last week we spent a lot of time on the rig and this week is much different, you wont even touch it, but thats not a bad thing! We have 2 test in the form of max lift Bench Press and a Max Lift Overhead Squat. We will then be looking at your WOD scores very closely to see how your capacity is progressing in these simple movements. During the week you will see progression in your hips as well with the new “shrimp squat” for this cycle and hamstring work. Progression in the Pistol Squat and ring work is a big focus. 

4.) Remember, the most difficult option will always be written on the website and on the board. We enter every day with 4 plans on what we will be doing that day with 4 (or more) options to scale the training as well as specific goals/pace/time for each session. There is WAYYYY more to the training that what you see on the website. If you cannot walk on your hands, back squat 500lb, or do double under, you do not need to worry one bit :). Your progressions will be the same as what you have been doing and everyone is on the same path to fitness, together. We got you, just rust the process! Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. 


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