WOD Program – 9.17.18 – 9.21.18 


Training Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan”

Week 4 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 1 Of 5

Week 4 in Meso Cycle 


Training Notes

1.) This is the last week in this Micro Cycle and your progress could not be better! Each week has been amazing, building the fundamentals of the squat. We have been targeting the DL and Press as well but your Squat has been a huge focus for us. The main reason is because this leads into doing well in other movements. We have been focusing a lot accessory movements to progress the squat as well. 

2.) Most of your skill has been in the WOD. After this week you will see your skill brought into some strength training. For example, you’ll see more OTM work with Olympic Lifts and the lift broken down into segments so you can progress. After this week you will also see us go into more challenging movements that we have been talking about chasing. 

3.) The main goal is just like the last few weeks, we need to keep you moving! Scaling is perfectly acceptable and knowing when to scale is very important. Yes, we are after a lot of strength, but your muscles are not going to build without contractions and if you’re not able to perform reps in the WOD (intense experience vs intensity) then you will actually slow down your progress. We will go over all scaling options in class. 

4.) Remember when it comes to strength, take your time. It does you no good to be the first one done with squats because you probably didn’t warm-up enough or really hit your true potential. Also, when it comes to high % or a 1RM, that should be your full potential so you SHOULD NOT be able to hit it all the time. Warm-ups, progression, and movement prep are key. We train at 70-80% for a reason and that reason is because you’re very strong and that’s still a ton of weight! 

Let’s have a great week 4! 

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