WOD Program – 8.8.18 to 8.13.18 


Training Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan” 

Week 3 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 

Week 7 In Meso Cycle 


Training Notes

1.) This week is going to be an amazing week for you! This will be nicknamed “showcase week” for all of your GAINZZZZ!!! This is the week I was talking about last week. A lot of your % work on the Front Squat & Back Squat have gone away but you will now focus on really challenging your potential. You will see a lot of “OTM” work for the Clean & Snatch. You will see an increase and focus on overhead movements with pressing and single arm work. We will also be designating time during the week to skill work, every day. Essentially, we will be expressing a lot of the strength you have gained during this cycle. 

2.) PULL UPS!!! – You may notice that you have not done a lot of rig work over the last few weeks with pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc. That is coming in 2 weeks and you will cycle them back on. However, this is a great time to practice strict pull-up work. You could spend this time doing the “30 Day Pull-Up Program” we have at the gym or you can do several sets of 3-6 strict pull-ups to keep fresh. Keep them strict, don’t let them go away and keep them in your wheel house. 

3.) This is full blown “Jacked & Tan” where we are really focused on barbell cycling, getting skill in the barbell cycling and crushing great WOD’s! In 2 weeks when we enter the next micro cycle you will see your intensity go up as well as your skill. Keep crushing it because you’re progressing so well!


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