WOD Program – 11.26.18 – 12.1.18 


Training Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan” 

Week 2 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 

Week 14 In Meso Cycle 


Training Notes 

1.) This is the last Micro Cycle in this Meso Cycle and you’re doing great! With this being Week 2, we are really blending things together. You are taking your skill and progressing it into the WOD with a lot of intensity. Your TEAM sessions are requiring more cohesion, your WOD’s are allowing for more intensity and you’re in a great spot for forward progress. 

2.) Remember that scaling is ok, your main focus is to meet the stimulations objective of the day. We are going to try and get a lot of work done in your sessions. We will be spending a lot of time warming up, a good bit of time learning and progressing skill and then we are going to pack a lot of fitness into your conditioning sessions. The point of scaling is hit the stimulus and CRUSH your training.

3.) The biggest thing to pay attention to this week is how “simple” things look on paper because they can get rather “spicy” when you actually go after them. It does not have to be fancy to be effective. 

4.) If you pay attention to scaling, if you pay attention not the desired stimulus discussed at the beginning of each class and if you learn as much as you can from each movement progression, you will have an amazing week! This is going to be a great close out to the training cycle on December 15th! 


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