Week 1 of 2 of testing cycle

1.) The time is now! We are entering a 2 week testing cycle to evaluate your lifts, WOD’s and overall fitness. This is going to be awesome, especially in your strength! Our “Jacked and Tan” cycle made you very strong and now it’s time to showcase it! This is going to be so much fun! Your next cycle, “Lean and Mean” will not neglect strength but it will focus more on motor building and expressing skill in dynamic movements.
2.) Attendance, attendance, attendance! The more you come, the better! This is the BEST time to have rock solid attendance. We preach all the time about measuring your fitness (regardless of your opinion of your own fitness level) and this is the time to do it. If you don’t measure it, you cannot improve it, period. Which leads to my next point, make sure your Zen Planner is set up! If you do not have your Zen Planner account set up please email me at [email protected] and I will get you all set!
3.) During the testing cycle, you’ll be tested in 23 different test. After the testing cycle, there will be a 1 week period where you can make up anything you missed and it will be eligible to make the record board. You must also load it on Zen Planner and click “public” for it to be eligible for the record board.
4.) Take care of yourself and recover daily. Although testing seems short (1-3 things a day) you’re doing them at maximal effort. Do the cool downs and recover well.
5.) Testing is Mon-Fri, no testing on Saturdays but there is still class. Yes, there is testing on Thursday.

Lets rock and roll!!

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