Pre Warm-Up

3 Rounds 

10m Butt Kicks 

10m High Knee 

5 Burpees 


3 Rounds 

10cal Row 

10 Lunges 

20 Jumping Jacks 





Session #1


What does that mean? 

There will be a lot of information given in class and we will discuss in class on Mon/Tues as well as the member’s group on facebook. However, this is going to be a great day!! 

The main purpose of this day is to give you a day to go after the goals you wrote on the GOAL WALL. We will work with you in class, we will help you practice for the goals you set out to achieve by the end of this training cycle on December 15th. This will be a great day for the coaches to spend time with you on learning a new skill, a lift you’ve been wanting to master or anything else on the GOAL WALL! 

If you have reached all your goals for this cycle, if you do not have an idea on what you want to accomplish in this session, you have two options. #1 we can work together to come up with some new goals or things to work on, that day. #2 There will be a workout for you 🙂 


Cool Down 

1.) 3min Ski Erg – Hard!

2.) 3 Rounds 

10 Pass Through 

30sec Roll T-Spine 

3.) 5min on Problem Areas 

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