Pre Warm-Up

3 Rounds 

10 Band pull apart

10 Band row 

10 Banded good morning 


3 Rounds 

10 Pass through 

10 Cuff isolation 

5 Inchworms 



Snatch Drills 



A.) OTMx12 

1 Snatch 

*No % – Start moderate and work high 

*The goal is to do a full snatch but if you need to do a power snatch, that is ok (assuming you have not learned a full snatch yet). The goal is to get you lifting the load in the position first.



5 Sets 

6 Deficit T&G DL @ 75% of 1RM

6 Press + 8 Pendlay Row 

30ft Front Rack Carry 

30ft Handstand Walk 


Extra Credit = 75 GHDSU 


Cool Down 

1.) 3min Row + 3min Ski Erg 

2.) 3min Pike Stretch 

3.) Spend 5min on problem areas 

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