WOD Program – Training Notes – September 3rd – 9th 


Training Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan” 

Week 2 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 1 Of 5 

Week 2 In Meso Cycle 



1.) Week 2 is under way! First off, we are kicking the week off with an awesome LABOR DAY WOD!! This will be so much fun! If you have not heard about this, check out Mondays training and get ready for 9am on MONDAY! There will be a video in the facebook members group but we will have a GOAL SETTING session nat 8:45am on Monday. I have a print off for you and we will discuss how to set goals for this training cycle so you can get them on the GOAL WALL! 

2.) As we discussed last week, in the first 4 weeks of “Jacked & Tan” you will be laying a base. This will take place in your stretch training such as the Back Squat, however, you will see this in the WOD as well. You will see ladders of weight and carrying heavy load under fatigue. Not only are we trying to build you capacity and your ability to do work, we are also trying to get to the point of doing heavy loads with high skill at a high heart rate. 

3.) You will notice that nearly every day has some accessory work – thesis laying the base for your more advanced movements. For example, the single leg box step up and Bulgarian split squats are for pistols and better bilateral movements. The SHSPU and press are for dips (along with bench press) and HSPU. You are always chasing performance and creating a body that allows you to perform to the next level. 

4.) Keep logging all your training in your journal. You will see each week allows for progressing in the lifts you have a max such as a squat or DL but these cycles also have progression in the the accessory work. We can advance the progressions in load or skill – the more you know, the more you grow! 

Let’s have a fantastic week 2 and chase down some goals! 

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