Training Notes – 8.20.18 to 8.25.18

August 20th – 25th 2018 

Week 2 Of 2 Of The Testing Cycle 


1.) This is the LAST testing week! Wooooo Hooooo!! This is such a great time for you! This is an awesome time for you to see where you’re at and how far you have come! #1 you NEED to track all of this. I don’t care if you use Zen Planner, My WOD (app), or your journal but you NEED to track all of you results. Why? You may ask….you spend a lot of time and energy to come here. You train a lot and you put in a lot of work to get better. You need to know what you’re doing so you can get better. The more you know, the more you grow! (note = there is class but there is NO testing on Saturday) 

2.) Every day will be centered around warming you up and make sure you are fully prepped for the session that will take place. 

3.) In this “Lean and Mean” cycle, you have been training a lot of breath and depth. This means that you have been really focusing on the things that get you more fitness. For example, we give the comparison of FRAN Vs JACKIE and how athletes who do well at FRAN don’t typically cross over into other areas of fitness well. However, when we test multiple variables such as JACKIE, we see that translate into more fitness in other areas. That is why you will see some big changes in your testing cycle. This week, next week, and the record board will get all kinds of “crazy” :). We want to do the things that produce the most value and we want to train the things that have the most productivity. Hence, this cycle is bad to the bone :). 

4.) Attendance is key! Come and come a lot! I will be posting a video in the members group as well about how this will work. During the testing cycle, do not try to make anything up, when it’s over at the end of next week, you’ll have the following week to come in and make up anything you need. 

5.) All classes and programs run the same. There are no changes to conditioning or Olympic Weightlifting.


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