“Hating your body doesn’t change your body”


Our bodies are capable of amazing things… they are what allow us to carry our children, endure under high stress, handle our anxieties, continue to function on very little to no sleep, lift, run, jump, move – all while holding everyone and everything, together.  But loving our bodies, “ALL” of ourselves, is tough.  Some days we are winning and other days, we are searching for that one thing that will allow us to see the progress within ourselves.  We all battle our own insecurities – pieces that we don’t like about ourselves.  For me, it’s my legs. I have always struggled to love this part of me!  Would you believe I went almost 15 years without owning or wearing a pair of shorts?!  Truth!!!  I wish I could accurately describe my struggle with this. There have been many times I’ve walked all the way to my car heading for the gym in a pair of shorts only to run back in the house to change into leggings.  WELL… I’m happy to say that on this day, I won that battle and I wore shorts to the gym!  It was a group WOD today which meant pictures, pictures and more pictures!  And as I’m flipping through these well-earned “fitness” pictures… I’m thinking… why the struggle?!

“Love the skin your in.”  Heard that one before?  We hear it all the time.  Along with… “love your body the way you are.”  It’s amazing in theory, but unfortunately not always realistic.  Over the last several years, I have lost almost 30 pounds.  I am stronger, healthier and so much happier.  I do not always love my body unconditionally, but I am learning to take control of how I feel about it, “take ownership of those feelings on my terms.”  I am learning to embrace the things it has given me and allows me to do each day.

The truth is, no matter what our size, we ALL experience the same internal thoughts about our bodies.  But… we have to accept the ups and downs knowing we are allowed to feel one way when we wake and differently at bedtime.  Loving your body is complicated and we need to learn to love ourselves at any stage.  We must make loving ourselves an active daily practice.  My journey continues… the one of self-acceptance and loving my body.  Embracing all my imperfections, while celebrating my size and strength and everything that makes me, well me!  I will continue to evolve and grow, but I will never be perfect.  The clear message here is that it’s about enjoying the progress not striving for perfection.  I am here to say this to you… and to me!  Wear those “shorts” and be proud. Do you and own it… You are fit, You are strong, You are loved, You are brave, You are beautiful, You are you!


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