The holidays are over!  Time to go back to work!


Ah yes, the blissful “holiday season”!  This means lots and lots of food, entertaining family, kids out of school… that daily schedule we rock, is currently a hot mess!  This got me thinking!  Do you struggle to get a workout in when your “normal” routine is anything but normal?  Maybe the real struggle is how to regain your momentum (or motivation) when the holiday dust settles and we have to return to our “day-to-day” life?!  For many of us, it could be a little bit of both.

No matter where I am or how chaotic life may be during the holidays, I can go about 3 days without a workout and then a bit of panic begins to set in.  Yes, me… the girl who sat in the car in front of a gym for months is testifying that she is now a “gym junkie.”  Ok – probably more like a gym addict, but you have to admit a healthy addiction!  The gym is my therapy, and it’s far less expensive than the alternative!!!  But the truth is, during the holiday hustle and bustle, settling that panic may be out of the question.  Let’s face it, the holidays are tough.  They are totally disrupting and sometimes just too hard to maintain that routine you’ve worked so hard to get.  And you know what?  It is OK!

We are all too hard on ourselves.  Far too often, we let the “mom guilt” sneak in.  During this time of year, we feel as if we are being pulled in 100 different directions!  And what suffers the most – we do!  Our schedule, our diet, our exercise… our ME time!   As moms when we are not able to “do it ALL” we somehow see ourselves as failing.  You have to trust that you are giving yourself what you need!  Self-forgiveness – it’s all part of the journey.  Give yourself grace this holiday season and do what you need to do to feel good for you.  And when that dust finally does settle, and it will, get right back on that wagon – you’ve got this.  Remember, you are on your own journey and you have already decided that this is “your last first time.” 

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