September 4th – 23rd 2017


Week 11, 12, and 13 in Meso Cycle
“Jacked & Tan”

Week 3 and 4 in Micro Cycle 3 and Week 1 in Micro Cycle 4


1.) You will see 3 weeks of training uploaded here. We ware still in the large cycle of Jacked & Tan and we will continue to operate thru the micro cycle. You will also see notes to the schedule in the days of training. There will be 2 changes to the schedule on Friday and 8th and Saturday the 9th due to the wedding. The reason 3 weeks of training is uploaded is because that is the best way to do it with me on my honeymoon. There are NO CHANGES to the schedule during this time. The Strongside Coaching Staff has you covered!
2.) In week 10 of this cycle, we hit a 1RM Snatch & C&J – we will be operating a lot off of those % for more position work and better lifts. Pay attention to the weight you’re using now so you can progress each week.
3.) You will notice that a lot of your training will be very anaerobic and repeat intervals. You will be challenged a lot with repeat intervals and sprint based formats. We are going to push a lot of athleticism and ask a lot of you. I need you to dig deep and ask yourself for it, it will be there :). We will control time and reps a lot to force your capacity to grow and force you to understand intensity – it will be fun.
4.) Please write down your lifts and notes if you do not want to use Zen Planner. This is critical that you know what lifts are what and how much you can do on each. If you don’t know, you cannot grow.


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