September 26th – October 1st 2016

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Week 6

Week 2 of 4 in Micro Cycle 2

“Lean and Mean”

1.) Welcome back from your awesome fall break vacation as you’ll see on Monday 🙂
2.) As we have discussed your strength training will stay in drop set format to increase strength capacity. We have 3 jam session/beater WOD’s this week to push you thru the aerobic cycle and make you feel better about doing comp WOD’s. We also will be doing an event from The Strongside Competition 2016 on Friday and a heavy focus on gymnastics on Tuesday with aerobic conditioning on Thursday. In essence, we are game based training for The Strongside Comp! We are just 4 weeks away and we are blending everything together to make sure you and/or your team is ready to go! This i a lot of fun because it’s not the same ‘ol boring squat this and press that every Monday, etc. We get to go nuts a little bit! Bring your A game because just like everyone was saying last week about bing sore, etc….it’s doesn’t get any easier 🙂

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