September 25th – September 30th


Week 14 in Meso Cycle 

“Jacked & Tan”

Week 2 in Micro Cycle 4


1.) This will be a fun week! A lot of repeats. Bring your sprinter pants because every day is a burst of energy and crazy repeat and sprint intervals. We are also on the rig a lot, make sure to watch your hands.
2.) We are in a big progression phase. we are progressing thru the C2B a lot and getting into a lot of capacity work on MU shortly. The Olympic Weightlifting is building as well just like we talked about this week with progression in capacity an exiting % work for just a little bit. Remember “no intensity, no result” – some days may look short but we are asking for massive amounts of intensity given in those sessions.
3.) For the comments above, scale back to your ability. I know that some of you cannot perform MU or C2B but think about the current movement you can do, we are trying to progress that. Along with that we are progressing your stability in single arm and leg movements. It takes a lot of balance to perform high skill exercise. Practicing this will progress you a lot.
4.) To sum it up, we are progressing a lot and hammering a lot of capacity work. There are a ton of repeat and IWT sessions in here. Get ready to build a massive motor with your massive GAINZZZ!!

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