September 12th – 17th 2016

Week 4
“Lean and Mean”
Meso Cycle 3 of 2016
Week 4 of 4 in Micro cycle


  1. This is the last week of “beater” and capacity based workouts. Next week starts a heavy focus on strength capacity and anaerobic training. We will be focusing heavily on The Strongside Competition on October 22nd and 23rd! You will be ready🙂 (see note #3). This week you will see an introduction of “Interval Weight Training” which is a very interesting concept that several teams and Individuals at the CrossFit Games have used to build capacity. You’ll see it introduced this week and we will discuss it in class but we will hammer it hard after this Micro Cycle.
  2. Skills and drills, skills and drills, skills and drillzzzz! We are going o hammer your capacity with skills and drills to make sure you can carry your movements over and over again. You will almost feel like you’re exercising with an oxygen mask and can’t breath but that’s the normal hump. After this week your body should be quite settled in this conditioning and belie it or not, it does get a to better and more tolerable🙂
  3. We are going to have some fun this week! We will be going over this a lot in class but on Wednesday and Friday we are doing some of the CrossFit Team Series WOD’s! This is going to allow you to practice with you team or understand team workouts better. Most of you have decided to go team for The Strongside Competition which is great! I want to make sure that you’re prepared as possible for the comp. A lot of being prepared is about knowing your team and understanding each other, not necessarily just fitness. Start talking with your team or just a group of people you want to WOD with. We will go over this in class and in the members group on fb. Let’s have a blast!
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