October 9th – 15th 2017


Week 15 In Meso Cycle

Week 4 of 4 in Micro Cycle 4


1.) This is the last week of this micro cycle! We have 2 micro cycles left in this meso cycle before testing starts again and boy will you guys be ready!
2.) All training days this week look very similar to last week. However, the intensity goes up. Repetitions, time, etc all increase so you’re challenging our fitness a lot more. You will notice that you are mostly challenging with intensity, not load. You will have the opportunity to go heavy and push but we are really focused on high skill while you’re fatigued. We have IWT, BB conditioning, repeat intervals and more. We are opening your lungs a lot and getting you comfortable with digging deep in uncomfortable situations for higher scores.
3.) As we move forward, we are staring to think about The Open, movements, and capacity in those movements. Weather you compete in Rx, Scale, or Masters, it’s your time to shine and we are getting the job done together! 🙂
4.) We still have 9 weeks left in this cycle and will be focused on “Jacked & Tan” until the end of the cycle, I’m just painting a picture for the future. As we enter the next 2 micro cycle to conclude this meso cycle we will still be focused on the GAINZZZZ so you build strength so the lighter loads become easier to move. But still remember, no intensity – no results so we are still pushing hard for capacity.

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