October 31st – November 6th 2016

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Week 11

Week 2 of 4 in Micro Cycle


1.) REMINDER!!! – Monday is Halloween, we only have 6am, 9am, and 10am class! Enjoy your time with your family, kids, and passing out the paleo candy! 🙂
2.) It is very important to remember the objectives we have been attacking this past week and discussing the objective of this 4 week Micro Cycle. Remember it and chase it every day. These workouts can look easy on paper and they are very easy to make “easy” but remember, accessory work is your friend. This will give you the GAINZZZ you want.
3.) Attendance is key. I know I say that a lot but it’s very important now. You’re building a block of a solid midline, core, and shoulder/hip girdle. Taking this 4 weeks to focus on basis is critical – use it to your advantage and you’ll love the benefits.
4.) Lastly, you’ll notice that these WOD’s are not very complex (that starts next week) – they are very simple. The expectation of intensity goes way up. We need you setting game plans and crushing every WOD. We are also carrying the same goals of capacity and confidence in your strength training – let’s finish out the last 3 weeks strong!

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