October 2nd – 9th 2016

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Week 7

Week 3 of 4 in Micro Cycle

“Lean and Mean”

1.) We are getting close to The Strongside Competition! We are focusing 100% on expression of gymnastics and competition style WOD’s. The goal is to get you used to feeling what it’s like doing these comp WOD’s so you have a game plan for the competition!
2.) Many of you have asked “what do I need to do to get ready for the comp?” – Physically, you’re fine. You aren’t going to get more fit in 3 weeks, you need to challenge your mind. Start attacking the workouts with strategy, set a game plan, adult in the WOD if the plan fails, and most importantly, keep your head up and shins to the bar!
3.) One thing you can do to keep fresh for the comp is practice your skills. There is nothing more aggravating than “losing” you DU’s on the day of the comp. Keep fresh!
4.) Intensity and volume of reps is going up, you HAVE TO cool down or you’re going to feel trashed. Your attendance will drop and your effort will drop. Cool down as hard as you train!

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