October 24th – 30th 2016

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Week 10

Week 1 of 4 in Micro Cycle


1.) This is week 1 (of 4) of your new Micro Cycle. We have discussed this a lot but you will see a few things. #1 – In your simple lifts you’ll see a cycle off of % work. This is to improve confidence in your lifts and help you understand your bodies ability more. #2 – Is you’ll see a lot more “pre exhaustion” work (isolating a muscle group and then doing and exercises it assist in) to build more capacity direction on the muscles you’re working.
2.) Last week was a de-load week to pre for The Strongside Competition – which was AWESOME!! – This week we are re-loading. You’ll see good conditioning but not a heavy infuses on barbell cycling for the WOD’s, that starts next week.
3.) Move and move well. If you’re feeling good then take advantage of your body and run with it. Don’t worry about % work right now because you’re just trying to learn your body more. Take what it will give.

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