October 21st – 27th 2016

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Week 14

Week 1 of 1 in Micro Cycle

1.) Thanksgiving is Thursday! The ONLY class we have Thursday is 9:00am and we will open at 8:30am for you to get ready. This is one of the biggest and coolest workouts of the year! Its teams of 3 (any mix of 3) and you’ll love it!! Come rock it out!!
2.) Friday (Black Friday) we have an abbreviated schedule as well. We will have one class at 10am. We will open at 9:30am for you to get ready. This workout is teams of 2! Grab a buddy to get ready!
3.) This week starts the new week of your micro cycle! It is game on until The CrossFit Open in Feb! We are focused of strength capacity and capacity in you WOD’s for The Open. We have spent a lot of time acquiring movement and now it’s time to express it! You’re going to love it! Remember to treat this like a sport and focus on what we have talked about the last 4 weeks, attack it, be aggressive and CRUSH your goals 🙂

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