October 20th – November 4th 2017


Week 17 In Meso Cycle

Week 3 of 4 In Micro Cycle 4


1.) This week has a very similar objective to last week. There is 1 more week left in this micro cycle so you’ll see it next week as well. One of the main objectives is learning. You will notice that nearly each day has a big focus on learning and progressing movements. If you want to progress, not only do you need a full understanding of the movements but you also need advancement in your skill. We will spend a lot on time breaking down the lifts and movements to make you feel even more comfortable, confident and excited! Please notice that some days have videos, I would strongly suggest watching the videos. This means you’re devoted to your training and you want to learn :). Even if you know the lifts, you can learn from it.
2.) Don’t let point 1 fool you. Although we will spend time learning, progressing, etc that does not mean it’s easy :). We are still going to present you with some crazy opportunities to succeed just like last week with some have lifting, good WOD’s and more! The main goal is to have fun! Enjoy the process, learn something new, take advantage of the simple things and rock it!
3.) We are spending a lot of time breaking down the lifts because after next week, we advance into a new micro cycle and it will progress a good bit. We will also be advancing into a new meso cycle soon with re-testing!
4.) Please remember that Tuesday is Halloween, we have all AM classes but NO PM CLASSES on Tuesday.


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