October 16th – 22nd 2017


Week 15 In Meso Cycle

Week 1 of 4 In Micro Cycle 4


1.) This is a special week! This week is the final week leading up to The Strongside Competition 2017! Wow, it’s already here!! :).
2.) This is a “de-load” week for everyone. We have about 63 Strongside athletes competing this weekend and even if you’re not competing, this week will be a lot of fun and de-load and decompress you for further training. This week will be fun, simple, but very affective. The physical stress will go way down, we will not implement anything new and we will play games, cool warm-ups, and more. I want you to feel AMAZING entering the weekend.
3.) Remember to have fun! Part of being fit is having fun and feeling good, let’s have a blast! 🙂
4.) Please make sure to see the new “GOAL WALL” which we will be going over in class!! Also, please remember that we are CLOSED on Friday! Athlete night for The Strongside comp is from 4pm – 8pm on Friday and the Speed Clean Ladder is at 6pm. Watch the madness!

Let’s have a rocking week! Enjoy the process and enjoy this time!

It’s so short, enjoy it while it’s here!


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