November 7th – 13th 2016

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Week 12

Week 3 of 4 in Micro Cycle

1.) No class this Saturday! We will be at Cumming Strength and Fitness competing! Come cheer on Team Strongside as we have several teams competing! hat evening we also have our 3rd annual Strongside Formal! Don’t miss the party of the year to celebrate your success!
2.) We have 2 weeks left in this cycle – you will see more expression in the midline workout before the workout. We still have a heavy focus on accessory work and strengthening all the small muscles. The majority of your big lifts take place in in 2 weeks with lots of progressions. After this cycle it’s “game on” for The Open! I keep preaching this every day in this cycle but the things your’e doing in the cycle are not “sexy” but they serve a huge purpose. You’re engaging and strengthening very important muscle groups and challenging the little mechanics to improve the garage mechanics. The this accessory work and small strength training objectiveness as importantly as you take your 1RM days.

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