November 6th – 11th 2017

Week 17 in Meso Cycle

Week 4 of 4 In Micro Cycle 4


1.) Here we go! This is the last week in this Micro Cycle! After this, we will go thru a 6 week HEAVY training cycle on strength and strength/Anaerobic capacity for the WOD. This will lead us into our next testing cycle and re-evaluation of the GOAL WALL. These are exciting times!! You success and all you’ve been working towards is about to be rewarded, just keep up the awesome-ness!
2.) You will notice that this week builds on last week. With a lot of in class class learning and clinics, we reprocessing our skill and baseline capacity. This week will follow the same progression as last week and the WOD’s look simple but are just as aggressive as last week, if not more :). Like I said in point #1, as we progress into the next 6 week training block to close the Meso Cycle, things will get a lot different.
3.) Overall, you are progressing well. We have given multiple opportunities to succeed lately in strength and we have seen many people lifting their old 1RM for 3 or even 5. You’re able to hit 90% in the Olympic Lifts when you ask for it, it’s good stuff! I’m am so pumped for you and how far you’ve come and how hard you’re working! Not to mention, you all look like a bunch of jacked beast!! 🙂


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