November 27th – Dec 2nd 2017

Week 20

Week 3 of 6 In Micro Cycle 5


1.) We are progressing up! A lot. This week sees more weightlifting with a lot of focus on capacity work and OTM format with multiple reps. This is the last week of long and simple WOD’s for the next 3 weeks until testing. For 3 weeks after this we will be very focused on heavy loads with lots of rest to dial in form and load to get ready to max out.
2.) I promise you – this week is yours to own! This week has a lot of set up for success. We have been practicing a lot of this lately that will come to life this week. Such as workouts that are For Time and an Open WOD as well. This week is a little more complex than weeks past but I promise, you got this! You’re ready!!
3.) This week is about attacking the training and just pushing thru! It’s about digging and surprising yourself because trust me – it’s there and you’re body will give it to you.
4.) Next week we will go into single and double format workouts where you hammer the same movements over and over again. Let’s rock!

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