November 20th – 26th 2017

Week 19

Week 2 Of 6 In Micro Cycle


1.) Happy Thanksgiving! It going to be a great week! There are a few changes to the schedule but we ARE OPE every day! :). You were sent an email of the schedule, it’s posted on facebook, and it is below on the daily WOD’s. Please reach out with questions!
2.) We are now in week 2 of 6 in this last Micro Cycle before re-testing. This week will be similar to last week. After this week, since there are no more holidays until Christmas we will be going heavy a lot with no interruptions to get you ready to PR. We are not only focusing on conditioning but we are seriously focusing on some very hard times intervals (same as last week) where we control the work that has to get done and it will be AWEOME!! :). We are really starting to focus on The Open. You will see Open WOD’s op up on the regular now and your movements will advance – such as lots of rig work and MU all the time.
3.) Intensity and fun is key this week. Lots of intensity and lots of fun!
4.) Keep attendance with what you can give. I know it’s a crazy time of year. Just come in and give 100% when you’re here. That’s all you can control – the effort you give. When you’re crush it! 🙂


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