November 13th – 19th 2017


Week 18

Week 1 of 6 In Micro Cycle 5


1.) Here we go! This is the last micro cycle before we enter our next testing cycle and then the next training cycle! The next training cycle will take us all the way until the open! 🙂
2.) What you will see this week is the introduction of a lot of volume in load. For example, sets of 10 or many sets (like 10 sets) along with the introduction to power movements and a lot of fatigue in advanced movements (such as a 3min AMRAP of MU). This is getting you ready to re-sets. After this 6 weeks cycle you will also see us attack a lot of The Open WOD’s to get ben markers.
3.) This week will be the easiest over the next 6 weeks, so lets settle in and have fun!!


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