New year, better you!

“We all get the exact same 365 days.  The only difference is what we do with them.”

It is officially 2020!  And as I sit here, I can’t help but look back on the past year and reflect.  The hits, the misses, what could I have done better or what did I get right!  This is certainly all-encompassing.  I have experienced them all.  What I have learned is that although I have a lot of things figured out, I certainly do not have ALL my shit together!  Do I have a list of things I want to accomplish in the new year – absolutely!  But the yearly declaration of “new year, new me” had me thinking… is there something wrong with the current me?  


The answer is – no.  I am not perfect, but the word “new” somehow implies becoming something different.  I don’t want to change who I am, I want to improve and make my current self “better”… new year, better me!  Surely there is a way to have balance between self-acceptance and self-improvement, right?  Remember, I am the girl who proclaims to be a constant work in progress.  That is ok, we all are.  But in this new year, my goal is to accept myself in the present moment while simultaneously working toward future goals.  


My decision this year is to let go of resolutions and start setting goals with a purpose!  I want to encourage you to set purposeful goals for 2020.  I want you to write them down!  Did you know that 42% of those of us who decide to write down their goals are more likely to achieve them?!  Now… once you have them, share them!  Yes, I understand that goals can be incredibly personal and can tap into a person’s vulnerability, but a well-executed goal can be life-changing!  By sharing your goals it gives them accountability and purpose.  Never underestimate the power of goal sharing… it can increase your chance of success!  “Speaking it, makes it real!”


Now, I can hardly ask you to do something I am unwilling to do myself…so here are my purposeful goals for 2020:

Choose to do one thing that scares me, and do it anyway

Nurture relationships with those in my circle

Find a balance between family, work and training

Be present in the moment

Less facebook, more facetime (and this includes all social media)

Read more

Drink more water

Stick to the plan and make shit happen!

So I did a thing…. You’ve heard the saying “there is no time like the present.”  This thing is exciting and scary.  I am incredibly nervous, but I am doing it anyway!  I signed up to complete my 1st half ironman – yep – picture deer in headlights, LOL!  (Chattanooga, May 2020) FOLLOW THE STORY HERE.  70.3 miles of pure work!  Ask me 3 months ago if I thought I could do this and I would have had a lot of doubt, but as we enter into our third month of training… “I believe in myself!”  Funny thing how mindset begins to change when we start investing in ourselves.  That sounds so good to say, but even better to feel!  No doubt there have been some tough training days…. I’ve been unmotivated, tired, even angry, but that’s all apart of the process!  I have the best training partners around, and although we have a lot of training days ahead…. I know I have what it takes!  There I go being all positive again – WOW, how things have changed!

So, I have put my goals out there!  And I challenge you to do the same!  Remember that the journey matters too.  It’s about progress, NOT perfection! “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!”  It’s time to stop saying “I want to do this” and just GET. IT. DONE.  I am here to tell each and everyone of you that you too have what it takes – you’ve got this!  “Dear Self, it’s 2020! I am ready…. let the adventure begin!”

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