May 8th – 14th 2017


Week 7 in Meso Cycle 1 of 2017

Week 4 of 4 in Micro Cycle 2

1.) This is going to be a great week! We are in week 2 at Strongside 2.0 and the last week of this Micro Cycle! We are about 8 weeks out form re-testing and you guys are going to CRUSH this! 🙂
2.) We are hammering a lot of gymnastics and upper body conditioning. Along with that, we are focusing on heavy lifts but not a lot of complex lifts. We have hammered complex work lately and now we are focused on lifting heavy for that one single lift. We will be presenting opportunities to succeed in your max lifts and I’m excited to see what you can do!
3.) We are preparing for your next micro cycle which will contain a lot of ore climb learning and IWT (interval weight training). We have played with this a lot in the past but now we are going to go after it hard. All your fitness gianzzz are coming! Let’s crush this together! 🙂


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