May 15th – 21st 2017


Week 8 in Meso Cycle 1 of 2017

Week 1 of 4 in Micro Cycle 2

1.) You have a great week ahead and I’m very excited! We are going to challenge you a lot!
2.) This week you will see some more IWT on Thursday before a heavy mobility session. You will also see two days this week week that have accessory conditioning + a WOD. I want to really test your capacity and see when you bonk out. You will also see that in your strength. There are session this week that will challenge you with heavy load in complex lifts while you’re tired – that will tell us a lot! With that being said, this week is very heavy on conditioning and expression of conditioning. This is week 1 (of 4) in your last Micro Cycle before we enter your testing cycle and next Meso Cycle (Jacked and Tan) – 4 weeks until testing, get pumped!! 🙂
3.) This week has a lot of GREAT training in it, the more your attend the better. Each day has a very serious purpose and the more data we collect, the better your training is. Not only that but a lot of these “hard” workouts are benchmarks/main site/classic workouts that seriously are fun! You have been improving so much and really challenging yourself with this new gym – keep it going!
4.) The running distances will be measured and tested this week. Outside training with running and “toys” will start next week!


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