March 27th – April 2nd 2017


Fun Week!

The Open is over! :). It’s a great 5 week season and we have a lot of fun doing it but at the same time, it’s nice to get back to regular training. This week we will be having a lot of fun with warm-ups and games. Also, we will be training your mental toughness & fortitude a lot, you will not know what you’re doing until you come to the gym, nothing will be posted this week for the WOD or Olympic Weightlifting Program. Come in prepared to do anything, any day! 🙂

Notes: – A full explanation will be emailed to all Strongside members
1.) We will not enter a testing cycle for a while longer. After 5 weeks of competition it’s not super successful to go straight into a testing cycle as most of you aren’t physically or mentally ready. We will be going back to regular training for a while. I will send an email this week explain the objectives of this upcoming training cycle, things we will work on, dates for testing, etc.
2.) Due to so many of you asking for it, we will be keeping the de-load Thursdays, VERY heavily focused on stretching! I love it, I think it’s what most of us need and we will keep implementing it in class.


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