March 26th – 31st 2018

Week 11 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018

Week 1 Of 4 In Mico Cycle 3 Of 5


1.) WOW! What an outstanding 2018 Open! That was simply outstanding! By far, the best year of Strongside yet! I am so excited for you guys and all that you have accomplished! I will be sending out a re-cap of 18.5 on Wednesday as usually and I will also be emailing out a full re-cap of The 2018 Open and all your amazing accomplishments. You should be very proud! A lot of you will be coming in tomorrow (Monday) to re-do 18.5 – good luck! Dig deep and crush your goals!
2.) What has become somewhat of a “tradition” is that after The Open, you have gone thru 5 weeks of somewhat obsessing about a workout to perform better. This week (just like previous years) we will be taking the pressure off by simply not telling you what you’re doing :). Just show up every day ready to work. I WILL BE posting hints each day. You will see a photos in each days training with a photo of some equipment you may need or something to prepare for.
3.) The point here is just to show up and do what you can with what you have. Look at each day when you arrive and adapt to the task – learn what you can give and adjust as needed to perform the best you can to each WOD.
4.) This will begin your next micro cycle. The things you see this week will be linking up week over week for for this micro cycle. We are in a new phase of training.
5.) Lastly, we will be having a lot of fun this week! We have some fun fitness games, fun WOD’s and just Fitness Fun to enjoy the fitness you’ve gained and embrace those new movements or PR’s you got during The Open!


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