March 20th – 27th 2017


Week 13

Week 5 of 5 in Micro Cycle 3

Training Notes
1.) This is the last week of The Open!! Woooo! The season is almost over and you have been doing amazing! You have done things you did not think you could do, you have progressed in your fitness and you’ve become a better athlete! That is what it is about and I could not be more proud of you :).
2.) This week is the last week of de-load and maintenance work for the WOD program and the Olympic Weightlifting program. Next week we will have a lot of fun and enjoying our time after The Open. Our training will be in full force for local competitions and regular fitness starting next week. Everything will be back to normal with regular progression.
3.) This week we will still be focusing heavily on aggressive training Mon and Tues, we will start to de-load on Thursday. Thursday will remain 20-25min of mobility work with light conditioning and similar to the last 4 weeks, Saturday will be programmed once we know what 17.5 is.
5.) I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have. You have pushed so hard and done so well. Keep up the great work and let’s end The Open together! 🙂

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