March 12th – 17th 2018


Week 9 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018

Week 4 Of 5 In Micro Cycle 2 Of 5


1.) We are now in week 4 of The Open! We are in a full rhythm and you’re doing great! It has been amazing to watch your success! Everything form your first 100DU, first Ring Muscle-Up, PR on a clean or just to simple get further in a workout than you expected. This atmosphere is electric and you should be so proud of what you are accomplishing! You are putting yourself in an atmosphere and a position to succeed! Your’e asking more of yourself and getting it. Way to go!!
2.) With that being said, you’ll see the format of this week (and next week) roll forward from last week in the ramp up and cool down. We are still not forcing % work and we are more concerned with capacity work, opening your lungs with repeat intervals and making sure your body is moving fast with Olympic Lifts. We do not have much “absolute strength” work such as a deadlift or a squat (a few) to make sure your body stays really fresh. We are still getting fit and pushing the envelope but we are keeping it in a good position to succeed.
3.) Consistency is your friend, the more you come the better. As we get deep into the season do not take time off to “rest” for the open WOD. We still have fitness to get and progress to chase :). Although we are de-loading and then ramping up each week, we are still learning a lot and getting fitter each week. We have a lot to do and we are planing for 2019 already!
4.) I’m so stinking proud of you guys and your hard work! Let’s keep the good times rolling!


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