June 5th – 10th 2017


Week 12 in Meso Cycle 1 of 2017

Week 4 o 4 in Micro Cycle 2

1.) This is the LAST week of training before your 2 week testing cycle beings! We are going to have so much fun during the testing cycle! You have progressed so much and you’ll have a blast! For some of you, this is your first time testing and you’re going to love it – baselines/bench marks are critical and improvement is what we are after 🙂
2.) You will notice this week that you’re sticking with heavy conditioning and a good bit of DB and awkward object work. This is because in your testing cycle we will be chasing conditioning a lot. The next cycle will change strength. Yes, we will evaluate your strength in this testing cycle but the goal is endurance/capacity. In this testing cycle, we will not be testing max C&J or Snatch but there will still be an option for you to test it. I will explain in class. Yes, you will re-test your big simple lifts such as DL, Squat, etc.
3.) Please note Saturdays schedule, we have 11 teams competing at Coming Strength and Fitness! We will NOT be open, please come cheer on your crew!


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