June 4th – 9th 2018 

Week 21 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean & Mean”

Week 3 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 3 Of 5 



1.) We have 2 weeks left in this Micro Cycle and things are going very well! In this cycle “Lean & Mean” we are very focused on capacity. Often times when we hear the word “capacity” we think it just has to do with endurance or long duration. Think of capacity as the ability to sustain work in the things you cannot do or hate. This can be capacity in large load movements, gymnastic movements, high skill exercises, long WOD’s, and/or short WOD’s. Different time frames and different loads require different assessments and strategies along with training. We are trying to tackle as much of this as we cal in this cycle. You will see your week front loaded with heavy volume in the WOD just like last week. As the week continues, the load will go down but the duration will do up – it’s more grit work. This is important to know because it’s almost like “test” we want to see how well you can do across a broad platform. – – Why does this matter? Because like we always talk about, performance is your measure and performance is what gets you to your goals. 

2.) You will also be learning a few new exercises this week along with progressing your accessory exercises. This will continue during this training cycle and going into the next micro cycle, you will see more full lifts such as the squat and the snatch in the next 4 week cycle. We just needed time to build up absolute strength. We will also be progressing into more powerful lift such as banded DL as well. 

3.) Make sure to track everything on Zen Planner. Daily WOD’s are up and ready to load. Track how you do! See how you compare each time we re-test and find a buddy to compete with 🙂 


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