June 31st – August 12th 2017


Week 6 and 7 of Meso Cycle
“Jacked & Tan”

Week 2 and 4 in Micro Cycle 2


1.) PLEASE NOTE: there are two weeks of training uploaded at this time. You will see the dates to the right. The full days are in the drop down.
2.) We are in the same Micro Cycle and the same progression. Mondays for the next 3 weeks will involve events from The Strongside Competition 2017, those are important days! :). You can see that each day has an objective and addressing that objective is critical.
3.) Attendance is key as you will see that each week involves a lot of the same movements, just an increase in % or reps. This allows adaptation to your muscles (growth) which will get you progress. Example: We have snatched on Tuesdays the last 2 weeks and we will continue that cycle. This will help you learn the movement, progress, and get stronger. This applies to your IWT sessions on Wednesdays, Front/Back Squat, etc.
4.) After this micro cycle you will see an advance in movements. Now that you have spent 8 weeks building strength we need to continue “Jacked & Tan” while taking you to the next level on your skills. Max outs in the Snatch, Clean, Clean & Jerk, and lots of Muscle-Ups and things like that are coming. Show off your awesomeness! 🙂


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