June 26th – July 1st 2017


Week 1 of Meso Cycle
“Jacked & Tan”

Week 1 of 4 of Micro Cycle


1.) It’s here! We are done with testing and entering your new training cycle “Jacked & Tan” where it’s all about those gainzzz all summer long! Get ready to gain strength, skill, and progress in movement! Now is your time, let’s crush this!
2.) You will see a lot of new stuff. Both in new exercise and execution. By execution I mean tempo, resistance (bands, chains, etc), and more. You all do a lot that you’ve probably never done before.
3.) This will be your strongest time of year. We will gain strength during this cycle and focus on capacity work after this for the open. This cycle is 24 weeks long and you will see massive improvements! Now, more than ever, do not “save yourself” in the strength training for the WOD. You need to be giving your everything in the strength and everything of what is left in the WOD. All that intensity and effort will yield all those results.
4.) For the first 2 weeks of this cycle you will notice that we don’t do a bunch of “things” every day. Some days we will be spending a lot of time learning new movements and new ways to lift. This means we may only have an “A” on those days. It will not be any easier, we just may spend an extensive amount of time explain the moment for that day.

**Make up: If you missed any testing you may make up testing this week and this week only. It is still eligible to get on the record board as well but you must go back and log it in Zen Planner. We will go over this in class as well.


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