June 25th – 30th 2018 


Week 24 In Meso Cycle 2 of 2018 

“Lean & Mean” 

Week 2 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 4 Of 5 



1.) For this week you want to be very focused on skill work – skills on the barbells and rig. We are all focused on GRIT work. GRIT work is the brute strength, brute force, and absolute execution of intensity. To get better at things or certain areas, as an athlete you have to designate time to the task. This task is about intensity and your ability to sustain intensity and give intensity. 

2.) For this week, I want you to really challenge your skill. This can mean that you perform your skill faster (faster cycling butterfly pull-ups), it can mean holding you skill under fatigue, or it can mean achieving a goal skill such as weight or a gymnastics movement. You will notice that there will be a lot of scaling options per day. However, these scaling options will have their own program that will progress you up to the Rx movement. Until you can do the Rx movement, your focus needs to be on acquisition and then when you can perform the Rx movement, the focus then becomes on how well you can express it. 

3.) There will also be a lot of repetition this week where the goal is speed. Listed to scaling options and point 2 (above). Load is not as big of a winner in this cycle and skill, speed, and movement. Learn the movements and move well. Movement is key.

4.) We will also be re-vamping our 30 day programs and ancillary programs. Get ready for the awesomeness! 


1.) Conditioning class at 6:30pm and 12pm on Monday and Wednesday 

2.) Olympic Weightlifting Program at 6:30pm on Tuesday & Thursday

3.) Strongside LULU night is this Thursday from 5pm – 8pm at the Avalon! 


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