June 12th – 18th 2017


Week 1 of 2 in Testing Cycle for Meso Cycle 1 of 2017


1.) The time has come – it’s testing time! **Please note that I have placed a lot of videos on days for tips and motivation
2.) It has been over 6 months since out last testing cycle due to the open and i know you’re hungry! :). It’s time to PR, showcase your fitness, get better and have fun! Over the next 2 weeks you will re-evaluate everything on the record board + 6 additional test. We will leave most of everything in and change out a few test on the record board. Weather you aspire to be on the board of just get better than last time, just have fun with it!
3.) A few notes
a.) In order for anything to be eligible to be on to record board, you MUST track it on Zen Planner. You should do this for you anyways so you can track your own progress. If for some reason you never set up Zen Planner, please email me.
b.) If you hit a max lift at the Cumming Strength and Fitness comp we just did, or in training over this last cycle it will still count (new rule). However, you MUST upload it on Zen Planner on the day we do the lift.
c.) The objective of each day is as follows: Come in and warm-up (do the pre warm-up), CRUSH the test, cool down, and then hang out. Give 100% in every test, Nobody cares how you do, just do the best you can. But you should be giving 100% in all of these test so we can know your fitness. Giving 1/2 effort will wild 1/2 results, if that. Just because you don’t like the test done’s mean you should go easy. go hard, make yourself better.
4.) Make ups:
a.) If you miss any testing, you can make it up the week after the 2 weeks testing cycle is over. You can back log it on Zen Planner as well. The week after the make-up week, the record board will be re-done. A note – you have to do everything on that day. For example, if you want to make up FRAN, you have to do the stuff before it as well.
5.) There is no testing on Saturdays. However, we will do a WOD and then a lot of mobility work to recover from the week. These test are not that long this week but the intensity should be EPIC!


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