June 11th – 16th 2018 


Week 22 In Meso Cycle 2 Of 2018 

“Lean & Mean” 

Week 4 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 3 Of 5 



1.) This is the 4th week of this training cycle and we are closing it out very well! This week has a glimpse of the strength that you’re gaining with the OTM clean format and some jerk work. A lot of your sessions this week are focused on high skill under fatigue. We have repeat intervals and long grinding sessions. However, these session all require a lot of skill from Ring MU to Snatch, to jump rope – of course this can all be scaled but the objective is the same. You will all be digging into massive skill while your tired with a lot of weight. 

2.) The past 2 weeks we have been training with heavy load under fatigue while this week we will get to test some duration. We are even doing an event from the CrossFit Games and this year’s regionals “The Triple 3” – Wooo!! Don’t let it freak you out :). There will be multiple plans, scaling options, and strategies. I will also post information in the members group on this. You will not be here for multiple hours (unless you want to get it all done no matter what). You will be ok! 

3.) We are running 3 days this week so get those running shoes on and lace up! Each day presents different value. You will notice that on 2 of the days this week, we are just doing a conditioning session with no strength training – this is because we are testing this “Lean and Mean” cycle! It will no be easy. We will get you set and get rocking! 

4.) Don’t forget! The 6:30pm conditioning class starts this Monday! Monday and Wednesday we will now be offering a conditioning class with a gymnastics element! Come and enjoy the fitness! 


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