January 9th – 15th 2017

Week 3

Week 3 of 4 in Micro Cycle

1.) We basically have the same training objectives as last week. We are heavily focus on work capacity in strength and in intensity. You will be challenged more aerobically this week than last week but you’ll see more challenging in heavy load barbell movements. You will be asked to perform heavy weight movements repetitively to build strength capacity.
2.) The gymnastics elements will still apply and you will be focusing on building a lot of capacity in your pull-ups, yes, you are doing a lot of pull-ups but the goal is to get you to do MU, C2B, or pull-ups under massive fatigue so the performance in the WOD’s goes up.
3.) Strength segments will always apply but you may notice they are a little shorter. That doesn’t make them easier, it means your effort should try to be greater. For example, on Monday’s 5RM back squat – go nuts!! Take advantage of the “small” sets and destroy it, no gaming, push you body!
4.) Attendance was great this week, another week like that is needed. Keep challenging, keep pushing, and keep refusing to settle. I’m very pleased with the work we have done this week, let keep it going to The Open!

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