January 2nd – 8th 2017


Week 2

Week 2 of 4 in Micro Cycle

1.) Happy New Year! It’s open time :). We are 100% focused on strength capacity and and skill in your movement. Think of this quote “Lift Heavy, Breath Heavy, Develop Skill.” – Brandon Phillips
2.) This week can look a little intimidating but don’t worry! We will scale and progress as needed, we are here to develop a program that challenges the elite but is infinitely scaleable. At minimum you’ll see this week along with all the coming weeks challenge you to the next level. They will push you out of your comfort zone and they will ask more of you.
3.) As we prep for The Open you’ll see a heavy focus on barbell cycling and asking yo to hold onto the barbell longer. You’ll get stronger with intensity and time under tension – meaning you wont see as much structured lifting of “squat 90% 2×2” for example. The longer you hold onto the bar, the more time under tension you have, the better you’ll get.
4.) Coming early or staying late will get youth the next level. Practice your jump rope, handstand, etc – that all you. Also, like I said, this week will lead to must more challenging weeks – “get comfortable being uncomfortable” – James Fitzgerald (2007 Games Champ)

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