January 29th – Feb 3rd 2018

Week 1 Of 4 In Micro Cycle

Week 3 In Meso Cycle 2 OF 2018

Week 3 Of 4 In Micro Cycle 1 Of 5

1.) Let the full force open prep begin!
2.) This week beings a lot of what we will be focusing on. We will be spending massive time in class learning and advancing new skills. Jump rope and DB will be our skills this week. Moving into next week, you’ll see more TTB and rig work. We are going to focus a lot on barbell cycling as well. This will drastically incase your performance and scores.
3.) You will also notice that some of your days have “sessions” rather than an A or B. Well….that just means we are putting in work :). We will be learning a lot and then applying it a lot in multiple conditioning sessions a day. Wednesday we will be spending a lot of time in class going over the goal of capacity management and understand gin intensity. A lot of other days you’ll see “drill” in place for what we will learn. Learning is not easy but taking this time to advance not only makes you more comfortable with the movements but it allows for more safety and progress.
4.) Let’s get it! It’s time to have fun!!


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