January 23rd – 29th 2017

Week 5

Week 1 of 4 in Micro Cycle 2


1.) Happy week 1 of a new micro cycle of training in “The Open” training cycle! Starting tis week and for the next 4 weeks you will be challenged with a lot of expression (full lifts and lots of fast movements) as well as time caps. Expression means the expression of the movement where you’ll be doing high skill movements in the WOD’s and trying to perform well at them. The time caps are aggressive. The time caps are doable and you can finish but the purpose of the time cap is to push you aggressively and finish in the allotted time frame.
3.) A lot of the sessions this week will be “grinders” but you’ll notice how your capacity work that you’ve done will allow you perform well at this. Trust your body and the work you have put in – crush it!
4.) Your strength work premise still stays the same as you are heavily focused on conditioning and barbell cycling. It will be difficult to hang onto the bar, cycle the reps, etc but that is why we are doing it :). One key thing we have to work on is the ability to cycle the barbell over and over again with good position (form) for a long period of time. Below is a video explaining some tips about barbell cycling.

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