Jan 8th – 16th 2018

Week 2.5 Of 2.5 For Testing!
*1/2 Week Testing & 1/2 De-Load

Testing Dates: Dec 27th – January 10th


1.) This is the final week of testing! We will only be testing Mon – Wed. The rest of the week will be completely centered around de-loading. Thurs – Sun, we will be focusing on aerobic intervals and repeat intervals to just keep you moving and feeling good, a nice break from all the testing.
2.) Our next focal point with be the 2018 CrossFit Open!! Wooooo! This is going to be so much fun!! This is an annual event and a total blast!! Weather you’re brand new or an OG, you’re going to have a complete blast with this!! You will get an email from me this week about it and we will go over it in class. Get ready for fun!! 🙂
3.) As we close out testing, remember, you are allowed to make up all your testing! If you missed any testing over the last 2 weeks, you can make it up after testing is over. Instead of taking class, just make up what you missed. You can back log it on Zen Planner. You have to know your fitness to grow your fitness! :). No mater how you think you’ll do, make sure to attempt all test so you can get data points and track your fitness!
4.) Details on the next training cycle will come out next week. I will explain all objectives and the scope of it in class and here on the website. Also via email. Let’s rock!


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