Typically, when someone sets an athletic goal (outside of weight loss or muscle gain) we generally hear that they want to get either fast or strong. Many people will wonder which is best and which one they should choose. It’s almost like picking the RED or BLUE pill form the matrix 🙂 

Well….what if I told you….neither! – – – Now, hold on, I’m not suggesting that you be slow and weak, I’m suggesting that you do not pick a specialty. Unless you are training for a specific sport and your goal is to win that sport, you’re probably just training to look good at the beach, not have diabetes, and be a little more flexible. 

Training does not have to be a linear choice. Rather than choosing to be strong or fast, relatively, try to be both. 

Fitness is often described as the intersection where gymnastics abilities, strength, and cardiovascular stamina come together. The large you can make the meetup area (the intersection) the more fit you are. 

Think of it this way….you’re probably not fit and healthy if you can deadlift 2x bodyweight but you cannot run 1mile. As in the other way, you’re probably not fit and healthy if you can run 10miles but struggle to touch your toes. 

We need it all, you need it all! The training at Strongside is designed for the general population to be fit, develop work capacity, and broaden that intersection to have a good amount of strength, gymnastics, and cardio. 

I’ll give you something fun to try :). Below I have listed some goals. Try to do all of these things, if you can hit all 6 of these markers, I’d be willing to bet that your intersection of fitness is quite large and you’re in great overall shape! If you cannot do this, that is fine! That is why they are goals :). Go chase some goals! 



Back Squat: 1×25 bodyweight

Power Clean: 0.75-1x bodyweight 



3 Consecutive Strict Pull-Ups 

20 Push-Ups without stopping 



1mile run without stopping 

3,000m row in under 14min 




Mitchel Black, CPT, NC

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